What are the different features of the online pokers?

If the individuals are very much interested in playing the web based poker games, first of all you should have to understand and learn the different features of the poker online. The following are the highly considerable and beneficial features of the internet based poker gambling games and they also have the best functionalities to win more bonuses as you desire.

Different online poker features:

  • Four color deck option – When it is difficult to choose the hearts and diamonds in your cards, you just have to select the four color deck option. It will show you the four different colors of cards for your successful selection of the poker deck.
  • Keyboard play support – The players can able to make your multi-table poker sessions in a very easier manner with the best keyboard shortcuts. There are several numbers of the hot key options for the checking, folding, betting, calling and also raising.
  • Buddy list – If you met a player with whom you want to play the poker games again, you just make him or her as your buddy by clicking his or her name tag. Similarly, you have to check their online status whenever you activate a particular poker gambling platform at every time.
  • Players notes – When you want to collect some information about the players with whom you are playing against in the poker game play, you just click on the name of the players and add any short note.

More details to know about poker:

  • Poker points – The poker online points are generally the unique player reward program by which you can earn huge amounts of points to play the poker games in the ring tables and also in the international casino tournaments. The poker bonuses are generally released as the points to the players in order to ensure their winning chances.
  • Hand history replay tool – There is a replay tool available in the different types of the poker gambling platform to allow the players to replay even the entire session as you desire.
  • Real time game history – The best online based poker gambling website allows the players to review your recent game history in the real time whether you are choosing any kind of the poker gambling games.

All your pass moves, hands, losses, bets, winnings and etc will be displayed clearly when you are using the real time game history feature.