Tin Room, Dallas TX

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The Tin Room Delivers the Hottest Saturday Night in Dallas!

Intimate Nightlife
Buns, abs and bad boys. Sensual male dancers are featured at The Tin Room 7 nights a week.
You might try to keep from staring but you will not succeed because our dancers are so hot it'll make you blush.

But that is beside the point because your main goal, and the one thing that is guaranteed at The Tin Room, is that you will have a blast. Enjoy state-of-the-art sound, video and lighting, and chart-topping dance music from some of the hottest DJs around.

The Tin Room is the exclusive place to party so raise your expectations and be part of the excitement tonight.

Tin Room Dancer

  Seductively Modern Vibe
At The Tin Room you will find a unique blend of gorgeous people, great music, entertainment and spirits.

Relax and unwind with one of your favorite cocktails. The Tin Room offers a variety of contemporary cocktails, an impressive wine selection and signature sips.

No one can explain how the perfect blend of atmosphere, music and hot dancers came together in this one-of-a-kind nightclub. But what attracts so many people to The Tin Room has less to do with music and hot bods and more to do with passion and friendship.

When you walk into The Tin Room you will know you are not at ‘just another nightclub’ when you feel that strong sense of desire, excitement and utopia.

Drink. Dance. Repeat.  

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Recognized as one of the '200 Greatest Gay Bars in the World' by Out Magazine, 2013!

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18 & up to enter. 21 & up to drink. Liquor service ends at 2a.
We look forward to seeing you back again so please drink responsibility and don't drive while intoxicated.

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  The Tin Toom * Dallas, TX
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